Task chair


Single action tilting supplies the chair with a simple tilt movement pivoting around one tilting point beneath the seat.

The mechanism can be fitted on a chair with fixed angle between the backrest and the seat, but function also well in a construction where the backrest can be adjusted independent of the seat. The distance between the pivoting point and the centre point of the seat define whether the mechanism function merely as a balance tilt or as a knee tilt device.

One version of the single action mechanism is called DynaMove. The long and thin construction of the torsion bar allows prime functionality to be packaged in a minimalistic and discrete design. Can be adapted both to a four-legged design and chairs based upon a spindle solution.

Dyna Move

Free float mechanism

The DynaMove is designed for achieving a simple, yet comfortable and linear movement on a chair with fixed angle between back and seat. The DynaMove mechanism allows the user to rock slightly yet controlled on the chair enjoying the comfort of the torsion-bars properties. The design can be utilized in stackable upgraded conference room chairs as well as for visitor or meeting room chairs.

Dyna Flow


These are mechanisms solely for controlling the movement of the backrest. By placing the pivoting point beneath the seat close to the hip joint, the movement follows the users back perfectly.

The DynaFlow version is specially designed for use on dining chairs, small conference chairs and for visitor seating.