Ring ChairTech has a very enthusiastic and dedicated staff, many of whom have been working for us for decades. Our heads of departments are available for your consultation, either by mobile phone or e-mail.

You may also call our main number to ask for guidance: +47 623 30 000. Please observe that Ring ChairTech production follows an early bird work schedule, where central working hours are from CET 06.50 – 15:05 (6:50 AM – 3:05 PM). Ring ChairTech administrative staff is in general available for our customers when required.

Amund Lie
+47 90177070
Ole Edvard Bakken
R&D Manager
+47 41522974
Arne Sveen
Sales Manager
+47 90130009
Per Erik Vold
QA Manager
+47 91884545
Phillip Oliver
Production Manager
+47 93087663
Arne Dalsveen
+47 90714314
Kay Morten Skar
+47 90629457
Elin Engom


+47 97970203

For further information: Please contact us.